2-step meal chute system

  • Reduced coating tendency at high SO3 content
  • More stable operating conditions with high substitute fuel rate

Kiln inlet and chloride bypass

A strong coating tendency and increased dust re-circulation rates are unstable operating conditions frequently found in the lower heat exchanging area. Special designed kiln inlet housings, stepped meal chute systems and chloride bypass systems enable efficient and stable kiln operation!

Kiln inlet and sealing

  • Enlargement of critical cross sections in the kiln inlet
  • Reduced dust re-circulation rates between the kiln inlet and bottom cyclone stage for more stable kiln operation
  • Maintenance friendly, pneumatically operated kiln inlet sealing

Chloride-bypass system solutions

  • Multistream quenching chamber with direct quenching at the extraction point
  • Compact design – enables close connection to the kiln inlet
  • Maintenance-friendly – simple access to all cleaning facilities

Please refer to our brochure for further details:

Brochure "Optimisation of kiln plant"

Brochure "Chloride Bypass-System"