• In top stage and 550°C cyclone stages in cyclone pre-heaters
  • In HURRITEC DT cyclone separators
  • In HURRITEC ST/DT cyclones in milling and classifying plant
  • In HURRITEC ST dedusting cyclones


<Referenz Marokko 2008>

Reference Morocco 2008
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HURRITEC GV Guide vanes

The deployment of the patented guide vanes (HURRITEC GV) guides the gas along a more effective route of flow through the cyclone and into the dip tube. The cyclone pressure loss is reduced by up to 50% by guiding the cyclone vortex flow into the dip tube in a more efficient way.


  • Reduction of pressure loss by up to 50%
  • Energy savings through reduced power requirement at the fan
  • Optimised utilisation of the plant inventory
  • Easy to retrofit (installation)
  • Reliable operation up to 600°C
  • Low investment required for increased production

FINEST SOLUTIONS – Optimal utilisation of this essential key component can only be guaranteed if it is installed correctly. You stand to benefit from the vast wealth of experience in the hands of the inventor of this reliable technology!