Engineering for grinding/classifying plants

Determination of classifier efficiency based on tromp curves

PM-Technologies engineer inspecting a ball mill

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Reference: Engineering and modification of grinding plant

Engineering for grinding and classifying plants

Comprehensive pre-analyses and production monitoring of the existing grinding system are the basis of all project planning. PM-Technologies' engineers constantly endeavour to find the best solution for optimisation of the entire grinding plant - solutions that are always developed for and together with the customer.

System analysis and evaluation

The operation of a grinding plant includes the most diverse of basic technical procedures - arriving at an efficient result based on mutual cooperation. In addition to the evaluation of the grinding equipment and its process parameters, PM-Technologies' analyses include the following aspects:

  • Determining classifier efficiency
  • Thermal balances and drying calculations
  • Checking capacities of the conveying equipment
  • Selection and optimisation of ball mill charge


PM-Technologies projects often aim to achieve increased production output with reduced specific energy costs. To this end, all conditions must be taken into account, irrespective of whether modifications to mills, classifiers or other units turn out to be sensible.