BOTTLENECK analysis, cyclone pre-heater

A cyclone preheater's basic equipment design is rarely decisive, but rather the numerous details in the cyclone stages, the kiln inlet and kiln riser duct.

Tailor-made optimisation concepts

Optimisation of an existing cyclone preheater requires a tailor-made system solution. When re-engineering one or more cyclone stages, the effects of and effects on the complete kiln plant must be considered.


Common project goals include not only reduction of pressure loss and improved energy savings whilst utilising the plant inventory as best as possible, but also improved separation performance and thermal efficiency which are of increasing significance in the quest for reliable plant operation at low specific energy consumption.

Kiln plant audit / Bottleneck analysis

  • Evaluating the thermal efficiency of the kiln plant on the basis of calculated plant parameters
  • Determining cyclone potential for energy saving and clinker production increase
  • Checking the operating conditions in the lower cyclone preheater region to guarantee stable and effective kiln operation
  • Determining and assessing the kiln performance potential

FINEST SOLUTIONS - Better plant technology starts with identification of potential for optimisation!