• Product separation after mills or classifiers
  • Dedusting of clinker cooler exhaust air
  • Product separation after drying or flash calciners
  • Dedusting of many different plants


<Referenz HURRITEC DT Abscheider>

Reference Germany 2009
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HURRITEC DT Double dip tube cyclone separator

The patented HURRITEC DT cyclone separator is fitted with two dip tubes and guide vanes (HURRITEC GV) to enable maximum production performance with low energy consumption.


  • Maximum separation performance
  • Exceptionally low pressure loss
  • Reduced energy requirements through HURRITEC GV guide vanes
  • Reduced space requirements through double dip tube technology
  • Low investment and operational expenses
  • Considerably reduced static loads
  • Low requirements for lining material, discharge devices, steel construction and installation

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