• High separation performance with low pressure losses
  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Increased clinker output / energy savings due to reduced pressure loss
  • Best possible utilisation of existing inventory of plant and equipment


Reference Morocco 2008

Reference Morocco 2008
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Brochure "Optimisation of kiln plant"


Optimisation of cyclone preheater stages

High separation performance with minimum pressure loss and good thermal efficiency are the demands made on today's cyclone stages. Our great challenge – which we are keen to accept – lies in the optimisation of opposing demand profiles of a cyclone stage!

PM-Technologies' optimisation measures

  • Cyclone solutions for maximum gas throughput
  • Fluidic-optimised entrance bend units and riser ducts
  • Special entrance design with optimised cyclone spiral
  • Re-dimensioning of critical cyclone components and areas
  • Installation of HURRITEC GV guide vanes
  • Meal splash-boxes in special design for even dispersion

FINEST SOLUTIONS - Decades of experience in the field of cyclone modifications, individual solutions and the flair for detail are a prerequisite when making high quality technical modifications!